Haier product shoot

Good Product shots are important to conduct any business on an E-Commerce platform – whether it is Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc.. A good product picture makes the product stand out from others and makes it sell. Research shows that visually attractive product pictures get more consumer eyeballs and clicks during online shopping.

I was approached by the marketing team for an e-commerce shoot for the launch of a new line of Haier washing machines. This shoot was held at the Haier India Pune factory in Ranjangaon.

A few notable points of a product shoot such as this:

A washing machine cannot be placed on a table to click its pictures. It needs to be placed on the floor. It is made of shiny metal and glass making it catch reflections from all over the room. It is extremely important to avoid the reflections. So a lot depends on the angle from which you shoot.

An e-commerce shoot requires pictures to be taken from all angles. These show up as different views for the consumer on the shopping site as they make a decision for which product to buy. The pictures are also used to depict the product dimensions and colors, and highlight the most important features of the product that make it worth a buy! Take a look at some of the shots:

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