Hind Sadi Centre – Ecommerce shoot

Products as seen on Flipkart

Product pictures on Flipkart

About Hind Sadi Centre:

Hind, is a brand that aims to redefine Indian women of every generation, in India. Hind offers a wide range of royal lehengas, chic Indo-Western ensembles and stylish kurtis, apart from traditional sarees.

Over the last 71 years, the brand has seen brides across the world adorning its exclusive bridal collections.

With two stores (Hind Sadi Centre & Hind Creations) in the heart of Pune city, Hind aims to craft a distinct identity for every woman across the globe.

Online product shopping and Photography:

These days, more and more people are buying products online. No matter what we are buying, the first thing we look at are the product pictures. Be it clothes, home appliances, footwear or groceries. The quality and attractiveness of the product pictures draws our attention and helps us engage with the site and search further for our needs.

About the apparel shoot:

The products were a range of beautiful salwar suits for women. We chose 4 models to pose for them. As a photographer, here are some points to remember for an apparel shoot :

Pick a wide range of clothing types, colors and sizes. The models also to be selected as per the clothing styles and sizes.

The models need to give the right poses to flatter the clothing. The pose should flatter or highlight a key aspect of the garment. For example, if there is colorful embroidery on the dupatta, the pose should highlight it, or if the kurta has a beautiful flare, then the pose can accentuate the flare.

Models for Hind shoot:

Yashoda Pawar

Kajal Jain

Karishma Kothari

Shweta Oswal

Preparations prior to shoot:

  • Ensure that the clothes are properly ironed.
  • No labels should be showing.
  • The dress should be the proper size for the model.

Styling for the shoot:

Styling is an important aspect of an apparel shoot. Styling involves selecting the right jewelry, footwear, makeup, hair style for the dress to be shot. The look of the dress is enhanced with the right styling. Here are the stylists for this shoot:

Makeup and Hairstyle:

Too much makeup can take the focus away from the clothing to the model. So it needs to be subtle and yet enhance the look of the model and the garments. The makeup should suit the garments to be photographed.

As there are many products to be shot in a day, there is no time to change makeup for every product. A neutral makeup is best, if the clothes are of different colors and brightness. Here are the makeup and hair artists for the shoot:

Shooting angles:

While shopping online, the customer needs to see the dress from multiple angles before the buying decision is made. Each dress requires 4 to 5 pictures in different angles. These are shown when the customer looks at the details of the product.

Lighting setup:

Lighting is key to any product picture. Remember that for an e-commerce shoot, the background is mostly white.

As the key light and fill light are focused on the model, the exposure is set according to that. These lights are not enough to make the background white. It will appear grey due the fall off of the light. For the background to be seen as white, additional lights are required to illuminate the backdrop.

The product color needs to be seen exactly as it is by the customer. Over exposed or under exposed images will not represent the right color of the dress.

Arjun Dixit Photography Studio

There should be enough light so that the aperture can be set to a higher number. When we shoot at f10 or f11, the entire product will be in focus, as the depth of field is wider.

Post processing of pictures after shoot:

Editing is an important aspect of the making the pictures look attractive. Some of the aspects to pay attention to during editing are:

  • Apply appropriate color balance so that the color of the dress in the picture is as close as possible to the actual color.
  • Clean up any spots on the background
  • Iron out any creases on the dress using editing tools.

Group pics of the entire team:

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