Photoshoot for “enchanting COLORS”

About “enchanting COLORS”

“enchanting COLORS” is a premium, one-stop, fashion destination located in Sahakar Nagar, Pune, India. It offers elegant, handpicked apparels for women. It provides a range of exclusive and yet affordable women’s apparel including: casual wear, ethnic wear, western wear, and lounge wear.
The name “enchanting COLORS” reflects the magic of vibrant hues that make life special and lives with the motto – “Right apparel at the right value for every occasion with delightful customer service”.

The photoshoot

“enchanting COLORS” is launching their official website for which product pictures were required. They boast of a large collection of women’s wear, and the web site needed to have the right amount of representation of the variety they have to offer. Therefore, the photoshoot included two phases: an outdoor shoot and a studio shoot. 

Phase 1: Outdoor shoot

To have the right background in the pictures, it’s important to pick the right location. We selected “The Farmstead resorts” ( ), located on Lavasa road near Pune – a nature filled, scenic backdrop for the pictures. Farmstead had the perfect scenery including streams, hills, trees, and a rustic India look.

The shoot started early in the morning at 6:30 am. We want to get a head start and utilize the natural and subtle sunlight before it got too hot. Of course, it starts with pre-shoot activities including: makeup, survey, selection of idyllic locations, and picking the perfect dresses to match the locations. In a day long shoot, the challenge is to block the sunlight from casting hard shadows. This is where a diffuser comes in handy.  We also use a flash with a soft box to balance out the background light.

Several dress changes, makeup touchups and accessory modifications were done along the way. We clicked the traditional ethnic outfits first and then moved on to the western outfits. Another challenge in the outdoor shoot was the sudden rains… and we had to pack up by 5pm. However, we had wrapped up quite a few outfits due to the early start.

Post processing

Despite our best efforts to keep high levels of accuracy in managing the lighting and angles, post processing is very important and necessary. There are several cleanups: skin touch up, removal of background noise such as unwanted leaves or items seen in the frame and unwanted distractions.

Shot by Kaushal Brahma

Phase 2: The Studio shoot

The second round of the shoot was conducted at the Arjun Dixit photo studio located in Anandnagar, Paudroad, Pune –

This was also a day long shoot with multiple dresses. Makeup was different from the outdoor shoot to suit the indoor settings and dresses.

Studio Lights

Focus on lighting is important in a studio to highlight the products and emphasize the colors. The lights used were two Elinchrom FRX 400 strobes along with an Octa and a Strip soft box.


Makeup along with hairstyles was efficiently done by Gauri Maral and Naina Maral. In an outdoor shoot, makeup wears out fast due to temperature and sunlight. Plus, this shoot was in the month of April, when it can get very hot during the day. Gauri and Naina were on their toes throughout the day for additional makeup touch ups and fixing the hair of the models. Thank you to the makeup team for managing it incredibly fast resulting in minimum delays.


Styling is a key factor in making pictures attractive. While the dress is the main product, it needs to be complemented with the right jewelry, footwear and other accessories. All accessories and jewelry were perfectly coordinated by Himali Murumkar.


The models for the shoot were Rutuja Chobharkar (left) and Tanvi Yedke.

The Team

From left to right: Naina Maral, Gauri Maral, Tanvi Yedke, Rupali Katke, Tanvi Murumkar, Rutuja Chobharkar , Himali Murumkar, Abhijeet Murumkar, Bhartesh Katke.

It was wonderful to have the entire “enchanting COLORS” team and family at the outdoor shoot. It was a fun family event combined with a productive outdoor shoot.

Studio team

From left to right: Arjun Dixit, Gauri Maral, , Chaitanya Chobharkar, Kaushal Brahma, Rutuja Murumkar, Abhijeet Murumkar, Himali Murumkar.

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